24 Hr On-site Testing

24/7 On-site Drug TestingOn-Site/Mobile Testing – Whether it’s one post-accident test, some randoms , or a crew of new hires, DAC can arrive at your location We can secure your facility for testing.  On-Site services eliminate travel time and minimize the loss of employee productivity by allowing the employee to return back to the workforce within minutes of conducting the test.  DAC has traveled the Southeast performing on-site testing and has assisted companies with various testing needs.  We have a qualified staff will perform your testing needs day or night.

On-Site services’ pose less risk of employees tampering with specimens, eliminates the hassle of supervisors scheduling appointments, and enables the employer to place an applicant to work within minutes of conducting the test.

Many applicants that use drugs believe they can clean up prior to testing and when they’re informed to report immediately for testing, often times won’t show.  Eliminating one drug user in your company’s workforce could easily cover the expense of DAC on-site services.