About Us

Established in 2009, DAC is one of the  leading drug-testing Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) of its size. As a premier TPA and service agent, this business can customize and coordinate every key area of a drug-free workplace program, effectively acting as an administrative arm and back office for its corporate customers. DAC offers a comprehensive, cost-effective service that ensures compliance with federal mandates and corporate policies. It also has the reach to provide collection sites in the most remote outposts, or the largest metropolitan areas.

Alongside lab and collection services, DAC also sells drug-testing products for instant, point-of-care (POC) drug screening. DAC serves a number of customers in diverse industries.

DAC is defined by three primary categories:

  • 1) local services — provided to court systems, employers, school districts, etc.
  • 2) product sales of instant kits – sold to individuals, staffing agencies and employers nationwide, and
  • 3) laboratory services — collection and administration of drug testing to employers of all sizes across the country.

The bulk of the company’s sales come from its lab services division; most of its customers are corporations with headquarters located outside of the state of Georgia.