DOT Truck Drivers

Do not let your current Drug Testing provider drive you to drink!!!

Drug Testing - Truck DriversYou shouldn’t have to…

  • Pay more for your program than you do for your fuel bill
  • Fill out a logbook when driving to a collection site
  • Test more often than you change your oil
  • Spend more time reaching your program provider than your dispatcher

Sign up with DAC and drop that company you are not satisfied with!

Non-Regulated Companies Welcome

Pricing – With DAC you won’t have to pay a monthly membership to get an annual discount.  We provide you with a full service, testing, reporting, and management program and all at an affordable price.

Another Random Test   – Unfortunately this could help for time to time, but DAC will make it as easy and painless as possible and assist your company with needs.

Customer Service – We’ve heard it.  Press 1 to return to 2 or 3 if you want 4. Press 5 to leave a message for 6.   At DAC we’re available 24/7 toll-free for immediate   assistance in resolving any situation pertaining to your company’s drug and alcohol testing program. WE ANSWER THE PHONE

Collection Site  –  No matter where your company jobs, or drivers are, DAC has state of the art software that will pinpoint the closest location where your driver or your workplace can go to perform your testing needs.

Test Results – Therefore, in a effort to insure that our clients receive test results as soon as possible.  When have several options for your company to receive results. Let us explain the options again state of the art.

Compliance – With DAC you can rest assured that a satisfactory rating will be awarded when properly implementing the DAC random testing program.  We strive for excellence in keeping your company in compliance of the DOT or NDOT Program.